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Umrah: A Transformative Spiritual Journey

February 20, 2024

Umrah Visa Requirements: A Comprehensive Guide

Undertaking the holy pilgrimage of Umrah is a deeply personal and spiritual journey for Muslims worldwide. However, before embarking on this sacred experience, obtaining the necessary visa is crucial. Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding the Umrah visa requirements ,covering aspects like eligibility, documents, application process, and important updates for 2024.


  • Nationality:Most Muslim nationalities are eligible for Umrah visas. However, it’s essential to check the latest list of eligible countries on the official Saudi visa portal.
  • Age:Umrah is generally permissible for Muslims above the age of 7. Minors must be accompanied by a mahram (male guardian) throughout the pilgrimage.
  • Health:Pilgrims must be in good health and free from contagious diseases. Proof of valid vaccinations, including meningitis, is mandatory.
  • Accommodations:Umrah visas require confirmation of pre-booked, licensed accommodation in Saudi Arabia.

Required Documents:

  • Valid Passport:Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your intended arrival date in Saudi Arabia.
  • Umrah Visa Application Form:Complete the online application form accurately and honestly.
  • Passport Photographs:Submit two recent passport-sized photographs with a plain white background.
  • Flight Tickets:Provide copies of confirmed, non-refundable flight tickets for your journey to and from Saudi Arabia.
  • Proof of Accommodation:Present confirmation of your pre-booked and licensed accommodation during your stay.
  • Meningitis Vaccination Certificate:Submit proof of a valid meningitis vaccination received at least 10 days before travel.
  • Health Insurance:Ensure you have comprehensive health insurance that covers COVID-19 treatment in Saudi Arabia.
  • Additional Documents:Depending on your nationality and specific circumstances, additional documents like yellow fever vaccination certificates or mahram relationship proof might be required.

Application Process:

There are two primary ways to apply for an Umrah visa:

  • Online:The recommended and convenient method is applying directly through the official Saudi visa portal.
  • Through Authorized Agents:You can also opt to utilize the services of authorized travel agents who can assist with the application process for a fee.

Important Updates for 2024:

  • E-visas:Saudi Arabia has expanded its e-visa program, allowing citizens of many countries to apply online and receive their visas electronically. Check the official portal for eligibility details.
  • COVID-19 Regulations:As of February 20, 2024, Saudi Arabia has lifted most COVID-19 restrictions for international travelers. However, it’s advisable to stay updated on any travel advisories or mandatory health measures close to your travel date.
  • Tawakkalna and Etmarna Apps:Upon arrival in Saudi Arabia, downloading and registering on the Tawakkalna app (displays vaccination records) and Etmarna app (obtains prayer permits) is mandatory.

Additional Tips:

  • Start planning early:Visa processing times can vary, so begin your application well in advance of your desired travel date.
  • Double-check documents:Ensure all your documents are complete, accurate, and meet the specified requirements.
  • Maintain valid travel insurance:Having comprehensive travel insurance provides peace of mind and covers unforeseen circumstances.
  • Respect local customs and regulations:Dress modestly, adhere to cultural norms, and be mindful of the sanctity of the holy sites.

Note:This information is intended as a general guideline and may not be exhaustive. It’s crucial to verify the latest requirements and updates directly from the official Saudi visa portal and relevant embassies or authorized travel agents like Fly Hajj before applying.

By following these guidelines and staying informed about updates, you can ensure a smooth and successful Umrah visa application process, paving the way for a fulfilling and transformative spiritual journey.